Are you trying to find sex online with sites like Are you trying to find the best porn for you? Well, the problem with these types of questions is that they lead to failure time and time again. A lot of guys think that they just need to join the right website and they would find the right porn. Absolutely wrong. Seriously.

You have to understand that the internet is a marketplace. Just like any other marketplace, there is specialization and market segmentation. This is basic economics. And if you are clueless regarding this, you would try to look for specialized stuff on places that really don’t offer much. You basically would have to content yourself with the narrow range of content that fits your particular tastes because that’s all the website is capable of delivering. That’s all they bring to the table.

Now, you can flip this on its head and look for specialization. If this sounds foreign to you, let me break it down. For example, if you’re looking for stationery, you don’t go to a general bookstore, you don’t go to a general grocery store. You go to a place that sells only stationery. Thankfully, in the United States, the market is so segmented that the retail world has basically broken down into all these niches.

If you’re looking for office supplies, there is Office Max. If you’re looking for building materials or hardware, there is Home Depot. If you’re looking for stuff that comes in big boxes for your pantry, there’s Costco. Do you see how this works? A little bit of segmentation as far as your sex life is concerned can go a long way when you look for the right motivation materials, like porn.

So focus on market segmentation. Don’t try to go to the Amazon of porn and expect to find what you’re looking for because it’s too broad. It’s not specialized enough. And the people who run it probably couldn’t care less about the niche that you are interested in.

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